Democrat Mayor Encourages Voter Fraud at Landrieu Event  -  Not only is Don Cravins the mayor of Opelousas, but he’s also the father of Mary Landrieu’s Chief of Staff.

He was caught on camera encouraging voter fraud at a Mary Landrieu event in Louisiana, telling voters that they should vote again if they voted early and they wouldn’t be prosecuted for doing so. - if it was not for Democrats - there'd be no voter fraud!

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Conservative Amnesty: A Proposal That Will End Illegal Immigration

Just the word amnesty fires me up.  The thought of rewarding criminal behavior is abhorrent to me.  When light-weight, pro-amnesty politicians hump “comprehensive immigration reform,” they are talking about amnesty.  We must have immigration reform principles that start by eliminating perverse incentives and rewarding illegal behavior.  Only after that is done, can we address the problem of those here illegally.

My immigration reform starts with eliminating birth-right citizenship for people whose parents came here illegally.  My immigration reform requires proof of lawful presence here to attend any school, effectively repealing Plyler v. Doe, a Supreme Court case that gives illegal aliens a Constitutional right to a public education.  Those two actions alone would immediately stem the tide of illegal aliens coming to the United States.  The third requirement would be that anyone found in the US illegally after the reform period would be forever banned from obtaining citizenship, the right to work, or even a visa to visit the US.  Finally, my immigration reform would make it illegal, subject to criminal penalties, for any state or locality to offer sanctuary programs or incentives to illegal aliens.  If a violation is found, that state or locality would lose all federal funding for the year of the violation.  Now, you have immigration reforms that give no incentive to illegal aliens to come illegally and no avenue for open borders’ sympathizers to assist them in coming.   - By Richard Kelsey


US Teacher Who Wanted to “Experience” Arab World Gets Stabbed to Death

An American kindergarten teacher who is the mother of twins was stabbed to death in the bathroom of an Abu Dhabi shopping mall by a robed figure dubbed the “Reem Island Ghost,” police said Wednesday.
- Not only are you in a region where most people hate Americans, but their oppression of women also creates a situation in which men can walk around in the perfect disguise. Any terrorist, male or female, could wear a burka anywhere, and could easily conceal an AK47 under it.


17 States Take Obama to Court

This lawsuit is not about immigration,” said the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. “It is about the rule of law, presidential power, and the structural limits of the U.S. Constitution.” “The President’s unilateral executive action tramples the U.S. Constitution’s Take Care Clause and federal law,” Abbott said in a statement. “The Constitution’s Take Care Clause limits the President’s power and ensures that he will faithfully execute Congress’s laws – not rewrite them under the guise of 'prosecutorial discretion.’”  Read more...

Corruption Reigns at the EPA                     

Managerial problems at the EPA are not new. Last year, John Beale – a high ranking official – was sent to jail because he was paid by the EPA while lying about his whereabouts. In an elaborate scheme, Beale concocted a story that he was a CIA agent and during his ten year scam, he fooled his EPA supervisors by telling them his absence from work was due to his role for the intelligence agency.  The new revelations about EPA employees being paid for not workin...  Read more... 

Nothing Too Disgusting or dis-Honest for the Creep in Charge
one big pile of dog doo!

Obama Administration REFUSES To Release Documents About White House Role in IRS Scandal

The Obama administration said that it is withholding all of the thousands of pages of documents related to the White House’s coordination with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) during the IRS conservative targeting scandal.  Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew, Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff, took the documents that were set to be released and now refuses to ever turn them over.
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Obama rewrites ObamaCare again
Anti-American, anti-Constitutionalist, Liar, All Around commie Jerk!

The president rewrites the ObamaCare law — again

...the president is redefining what health plans are “adequate” for larger employers (100-plus workers) to offer under the Affordable Care Act. He’s also “asking” insurers to pay for new benefits — while warning that, if they don’t, they may be forced to. Under the Constitution, Obama lacks any authority to make such changes to the health law, or any law. Only Congress has that power. But he’s doing it, and not for the first time.
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What to do, what to do???
if I only had a brain....

State Dept hasn’t canceled passports of any US-based Islamic State jihadis

Why not? When they went to fight for the Islamic State, they were joining an entity that considers itself at war with the United States. That is treason, and they should be treated like traitors or enemy combatants. But that, of course, would require a sane administration and media establishment. “State Dept. Has Not Cancelled Passports of Any ‘ISIS or Foreign Fighters’ Returning to U.S.,”
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Race-whore Holder
One-man wrecking crew for racial relations...if the 'n-word' had a face - you're looking at it!

Holder to Issue Rigorous New Racial Profiling Standards

"In the coming days, I will announce updated Justice Department guidance regarding profiling by federal law enforcement. This will institute rigorous new standards - and robust safeguards - to help end racial profiling, once and for all, " Holder said. "This new guidance will codify our commitment to the very highest standards of fair and effective policing. "
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Obama Begs for Impeachment
Boehner & Republicans are running scared and only supply Lip-service instead of impeaching him

Boehner: Obama's Action 'a Serious Threat to Our System of Government'

"We are looking at a number of options in terms of how do we address this, " Boehner said in response to another reporter. "This is a serious breach of our Constitution. It is a serious threat to our system of government. "And frankly we have limited options and limited abilities to deal with it directly," said Boehner. "But that's why we are continuing to talk to our members.  Read more


What - me worry!
you obviously have me confused
with someone who cares!

Obama’s Ferguson Dog and Pony Show

(Obama) ...after spending so much of the last six years crying wolf about racism and seeking to stoke fears rather than to heal, the president is in no position to reclaim the high ground on the issue that he occupied when he was elected by deliberately eschewing appeals to partisanship and race.   Read more

Of Course Obama will Shut Down Government
If congress doesn't give him a blank check - and as usual, Republicans will get all the blame

White House: Obama will shut down the government with a veto if the GOP tries to stop amnesty

...First Jon Karl asks whether Obama would veto a single bill that funds the entire government for 12 months but specifically blocks him from carrying out executive amnesty. Yup, sure would, says Josh Earnest. Okay, says Karl, but what if Republicans pass a bill that funds the entire government for 12 months except for Homeland Security,...  Read more

I'm Obama's Yes Man!
I will do whatever Obama tells me to do, without question, only way to get the job.

Report: Obama Picks Ashton Carter to Be Next Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter, the former second-in-command at the Pentagon appears to be the top choice to replace outgoing Secretary Chuck Hagel. Barring any last minute complications, Ash Carter will be President Barack Obama's choice as the new Secretary of Defense, several U.S. administration officials told CNN. 
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Communists Align with Democrats - As Usual
who outside the denying commie left, would have ever quessed?

Exercising your First Amendment rights by calling for a communist revolution while recording it on your iPhone: Priceless

In Ferguson, Missouri, many have arrived from out of town to help expose their willful ignorance and/or highlight the tragic decline of the educational system. Protest the police by calling for the creation of a super-sized police state? Makes total sense! While crowd chants "only solution is a communist revolution, "  Read more

Turkey - Not an Ally
They keep proving how much we need to kick them out of NATO

Adding Turkey to the "State Sponsors of Terrorism " List

According to Israeli intelligence, Hamas has moved its outside-Gaza headquarters from Damascus to Istanbul; it is headed by Saleh al-Arouri, whom Israel Hayom calls "an infamous arch-terrorist believed to be responsible for dozens of attacks against Israelis. " A former employee with the FBI has said that American and NATO forces are training Syrian terrorist groups in southeastern Turkish city of Hakkari. 
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When are you going to realize
What I say goes, to hell with Congress & the Constitution!

Illegal Alien Benefit Free-for-All

a White House official told the Washington Post that many illegals now protected from deportation will be eligible to receive a “wide array” of government benefits, including Social Security and Medicare. The admission verifies that, once again, Americans are forced to endure another lie perpetrated by the president.  Read more

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